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Floral Ghosts Leather Bookmark

Floral Ghosts Leather Bookmark

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Printed cork on genuine leather
Hand cut and hand punched for hole
Genuine Suede or Deerskin lace tassel

This print is double sided, the backside lines are not straight due to the printing process.

Bookmarks measure approximately 1.5-2 inches wide and 5.5-6 inches wide, depending on the print.

Please note: As these are a true handmade product- hand cut with a knife and ruler, and hand punched with a hole die, these may not be 100% perfect in shape (i.e. hole may not be perfectly center, or edges may not be perfectly square). I do my absolute best to ensure the best product possible. With these also being natural products (leather and cork), they may have slight imperfections. These quality add to the charm of a genuine handcrafted item.


Materials used (where applicable, specified in the description):

-Lightweight acrylic

-Nickel free stainless steel

-18 karat plated yellow gold

-Faux leather

Care Instructions

Care instructions (included with purchase):
-Avoid chemicals (such as chlorine)
-Always remove jewelry before showering, swimming, or sleeping
-Earring wires can be cleaned with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol
-Do not apply alcohol or cleaning agents to acrylic surfaces as it may damage the piece
-Wipe acrylic clean with a soft, dry cloth

Please reach out with any questions, I am always happy to help!

Shipping & Returns

Shipped within 2-5 business days.

Due to the nature of the items I sell, I do not accept returns. However, if there is an issue, please reach out and we will work to find a resolution!

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