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Spoon Theory Awareness Earrings, Silver Mirror (2 Styles)

Spoon Theory Awareness Earrings, Silver Mirror (2 Styles)

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Many people living with chronic illnesses find it difficult to find enough energy to get through the day.  For me living with Crohn's, it is a fatigue unlike any other- Doctors say that to understand the fatigue of Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis, a healthy person would have to stay awake for three days straight and then try to function. 

The Spoon Theory is a metaphor for the amount of energy someone has living with a chronic illness.  Each daily task "costs" one spoon (or sometimes more if it's a difficult task). Often, we find ourselves in the negative, taking "spoons" from the next day, which only leads to a greater fatigue and potentially a path towards a flare up. Often times, we have to pick and choose what we can accomplish, and sometimes need to sit out of different events to keep any remaining energy.

These little spoon earrings are a great way to remember to take it easy and guard your energy, and to raise awareness that a chronic illness is more than just a name. 

You can learn more about The Spoon Theory here:

These spoon earrings are made from 1/8th inch silver mirror acrylic, and can be purchased with or without a ribbon engraving. Earring wires are nickel free stainless steel and come with silicone backers for extra security.

Just under 1/2 inch wide, and just over 2 inches long


Materials used (where applicable, specified in the description):

-Lightweight acrylic

-Nickel free stainless steel

-18 karat plated yellow gold

-Faux leather

Care Instructions

Care instructions (included with purchase):
-Avoid chemicals (such as chlorine)
-Always remove jewelry before showering, swimming, or sleeping
-Earring wires can be cleaned with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol
-Do not apply alcohol or cleaning agents to acrylic surfaces as it may damage the piece
-Wipe acrylic clean with a soft, dry cloth

Please reach out with any questions, I am always happy to help!

Shipping & Returns

Shipped within 2-5 business days.

Due to the nature of the items I sell, I do not accept returns. However, if there is an issue, please reach out and we will work to find a resolution!

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